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Disorders of attention, collectively known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), cause an inability to attend to situations, focus on the task at hand, and effectively shift attention between multiple tasks. ADHD ultimately leads to unwanted behaviors such as procrastination, lowered motivation, difficulty maintaining relationships, impulsivity, apathy and hyper-activity. Though they are typically associated with childhood, attention disorders often persist through all ages and can continue to cause major disruptions in the lives of adults.

Although many adults have found ways to cope with their symptoms, Better Brain & Body’s therapeutic approach can improve the quality of life for those living with ADD and/or ADHD by optimizing brain function. Better Brain & Body’s therapies and techniques help improve control and management of symptoms and help improve productive engagement in school, work and outside activities.

Through individualized diagnostic testing, Better Brain & Body’s intensive, individualized patient engagement allows us to measure patient progress and refine treatment methods to optimize your outcome. We believe that the diagnosis of ADD and/or ADHD does not need to be masked with brain altering prescription medication, rather, restoring neural pathways to improve the functionality of brain areas associated with these, and many other, neurodevelopmental and learning disorders.




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