Performance Enhancement

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Maximizing Full Performance

On and Off the Field



The practice of performance enhancement is not a modern ideology. The competitive nature of humans and the desire to increase the physical output of the human body has existed as far back as we know. Most performance enhancement methods seek to alter brain function in a temporary fashion to maximize output. At Better Brain & Body, our focus is to optimize brain function to create lasting improvements to performance capabilities.

We understand that there are key components that must come together to optimize performance. These components include planning, latency, speed, accuracy and endurance. At Better Brain & Body, we help athletes and business professionals create an engaging, but challenging care plan by testing, analyzing, and treating the brain. We take a close look at balance, coordination, reaction time, and sports/job specific movements to devise a highly targeted, highly extensive treatment plan for each of our patients.

Optimizing brain function is the future of performance enhancement.

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