Better Brain & Body - Charlotte's Brain Center - Vertigo
Better Brain & Body - Charlotte's Brain Center - Vertigo
Through our Innovative Processes

We Help the Nervous System Heal & Repair Itself



Symptoms of chronic dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to not only live their daily life, but enjoy it. These symptoms can come on rapidly and be debilitating. Vestibular disorders can result from dysfunction in many different areas of the nervous system. At Better Brain & Body, we understand the complexity of these disorders and are here to help.

Most patients we see have been to countless other healthcare providers with little to no long-term solutions. At Better Brain & Body we make sure to discuss with you extensively about your past medical history, how you are feeling in this present moment, and what goals you hope to reach for the future. Our window into the brain’s functionality is achieved through an extensive physical examination. We use a variety of neuro-diagnostic tools to assess all areas of possible dysfunction and get at the root cause of the vestibular dysfunction.

Throughout innovative processes we help the nervous system heal and repair itself. We do this using targeted exercises to enhance the functionality of the brain. Our goal is the create a personalized treatment plant that helps to maximize quality of life for our patients. There is hope out there for those struggling with vestibular disorders. Call us today to see if chiropractic neurological treatment is an avenue for you.

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