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ReBuilder For At-Home Use: Requirements

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If you are interested in a deep dive to understand how the ReBuilder scientifically works to help peripheral neuropathy, check out this recent blog post. There is a table of contents that you can click on to help you navigate the blog article. 

The ReBuilder for neuropathy is a device that requires a prescription from a physician. If you have a peripheral neuropathy diagnosis and are interested in non-invasive ReBuilder therapy for your peripheral neuropathy for at-home use, please call our clinic or fill out a contact form to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with our lead doctor, Dr. Alicia Brown. This consultation will help determine if you qualify for a prescription. If you do qualify, our team will direct you to a secure portal where you can purchase the ReBuilder. Currently, the ReBuilder cannot be purchased through this website and requires a prescription from a qualified physician. 

If you are undiagnosed and want to determine if you have neuropathy, please call our clinic or fill out a contact form to schedule your non-invasive diagnostic exam.

Better Brain & Body is a functional neurology and human optimization clinic. We combine a holistic brain and body approach with cutting-edge diagnostics and non-invasive rehabilitation technologies and therapies to identify and treat the root cause of neurological dysfunctions without prescription medication or surgeries, or any other invasive treatments. You can learn more about our practice here, or get to know our team here.

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