Better Brain & Body is a patient centered facility that prides itself on helping others achieve their truest potential. We combine a holistic brain and body approach with cutting edge non-invasive neurological rehabilitation technologies to treat the root cause of neurological dysfunctions. We use the latest scientific research to properly diagnose and treat a wide-variety of health issues. Our Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologists take a comprehensive look at your health history, perform an extensive physical examination, and utilize cutting-edge diagnostic lab testing to determine the cause of your dysfunction.

The doctors at Better Brain & Body work closely with each patient to create a personalized care-plan that focuses on optimizing brain function. Your doctor will continuously measure progress and refine treatment regimens based on feedback and patient progress. Integrating a multi-model approach to treatment is used incorporating various therapy methods. A multi-model approach to treatment is used incorporating various therapy methods such as:




  • Dr. Brown has been providing me with excellent care for over 5 years. She has helped me through injuries and to maintain feeling well once I recovered. She has been seeing my children since they were infants and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of chiropractic care!
  • V. Hawley
    When I came in for my first appointment with Dr. Brown I was suffering from memory loss, poor balance and a hand tremor.  It was having a significant effect on my daily living and it was getting progressively worse.  I had been treated by my medical doctor and other practitioners with no improvement.  Dr. Brown was recommended to me by another chiropractor because of her advanced technique.  After 3 – 4 treatments I have begun to see improvement and continue to improve.  Dr. Brown is easy to work with and has a genuine concern for her patients.  Her skills are unique and I am fortunate to have found her!
    V. Hawley
  • M. Flouhouse
    “[I came in with] Metabolic Syndrome-ate too many carbs, sluggish, brain fog, craving carbs, overweight, toe pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Poor diet, no exercise!  [I was] too tired to be all I could be, to do all I could do.  Too tired to exercise, too tired to care! My brain fog is gone!  I have more energy than I can ever remember having, I have lost over 80 pounds without withdrawals.  Toe pain is gone.  No hunger throughout the day, despite eating “healthy”.  No cravings. I am a different person thanks to Dr. Brown’s help.  I have never felt better physically, mentally and emotionally.  The weight is falling off and I have fun exercising-walking!
    M. Flouhouse
  • S. Sulser
    I had recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in March 2011 and was in such terrible pain.  Severe joint pain and swelling was a daily occurrence.  I was unable to walk at times and sleep was rare.  [I had seen an] Internal Medicine specialist, a Rheumatologist and an Acupuncturist.  My neighbors/friends, patients of Dr. Brown, staged what I call an intervention in March 2012. While being under Dr. Brown’s care, I have lost 31 pounds and have gotten my pain under control.  She is an incredible doctor and I honestly believe that without her help I would still be in such pain.  Dr. Brown and Stacy are wonderful.  Always a smile and a warm welcome.  I can honestly say that I plan to stay under Dr. Brown’s care.  I have not felt this good in a very long time.  She is AWESOME!!”
    S. Sulser
  • E. Murray
    I just wanted to send you a thank you note as well as testimony regarding my treatment to date. Firstly, let me say this.... if someone told me that by "zapping my brain" and putting electrodes on my tongue would help me, I would have told them that they were nuts. After years of being in constant pain and fed lots of medications, I was so desperate to find a doctor who would listen to me and figure out what was wrong. Here I am some 7 years later and wind up in your office. No more medications. No more pain. Just answers and solutions. I am so thankful for you Dr. Brown. Truly with all my heart I am. From the first day, I stepped into your office, you have been patient with me, listened to me and have been absolutely amazing. I can now smell, see, stuttering is subsiding.... I can THINK and speak with the intelligence that I know I have. Thank you. What you know within your profession/discipline is priceless. All the other doctors who kept telling me that I would never walk again and was permanently disabled need to spend a month with you and LEARN. Only God knows what my future looks like- but beyond a shadow of a doubt I know that HE sent me here to Charlotte all by myself to meet you. Dr. Gary started the groundwork and you have picked up seamlessly to further my care. Know that with all my heart, I am so very grateful for you and your husband and the excellent care that you both are taking of me. I am for the first time in a long time, actually excited about the possibilities I can create opposed to the limitations I was told I would always have. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK!
    E. Murray
  • R. Miller
    Dr. Alicia is the most knowledgeable and effective chiropractor I’ve met. She takes her time to understand your condition, and works to truly alleviate the pain and fix the problem. I was suffering from so much consistent neck pain that I thought I would need to see an expensive specialist because I just couldn’t understand what was wrong. I went to Better Brain and Body – and she was able to locate and fix the issue! I recommend her to anyone looking for a great chiropractor.
    R. Miller
  • B. Mosley
    Dr. Alicia Brown is the best chiropractor I have ever used. I started seeing Dr. Brown about 5 years ago.  I had back, neck pain and headaches for years.  All my symptoms greatly improved after a few sessions. Dr. Brown keeps up with newest chiropractic studies.  She is highly qualified and has a "boat load" of achievements and degrees. For the past several years I now see Dr. Brown only about 4 times a year.  I have learned to recognize my aches and pains and my body tells me when it's time to see her
    B. Mosley
  • J. Chambers
    One of the things that Dr. Brown accomplished in the realm of my wellness was to not give up on the pain I was experiencing in my right ankle/foot.  She went above and beyond what she had learned and investigated the other possibilities for this pain.  I am very very happy and pleased to say that she nailed it right on the head.  With the 'not giving up' attitude she found the source of my pain and treated it with that knowledge.  I am pain-free in that right ankle/foot.  I cannot believe that I no longer have to suffer with that pain.
    J. Chambers
  • A. Hurley
    Dr. Brown, Wow is the only word that comes to mind when I think of my treatment experience with you.  I have suffered with varying levels of knee pain for the last 20 years.  When I came to you in August 2010, I was not able to walk up or down stairs.  The orthopedic surgeon said I would require a total knee replacement someday and there was nothing he could do for me until it reached that point.  I have not been able to run more than ¼ of a mile without significant pain in the last 8 years.  After treatment with you, I completed my first Triathlon!  Thank you for the wonderful care and treatment.
    A. Hurley
  • S. Schepart
    For years I had shoulder problems from playing baseball and lifting weights with poor form. After seeking help from physical therapists and other professionals, I didn’t know if I would ever be out of pain. Fortunately, I found Dr. Brindisi and she helped me almost immediately. I didn’t even know chiropractic could help with shoulder injuries, but I was glad to have finally found a solution. Dr. Brindisi is professional and genuinely cares about her patients, which is not easy to find. I highly recommend Dr. Brindisi to anybody that is looking for a trustworthy, effective Chiropractor.
    S. Schepart
  • S. Nathan
    I cannot say enough about how Dr. Brindisi changed my life. For years I dealt with motion sickness, headaches, vertigo, loss of appetite, and more. I couldn't even lay back in bed because I would feel so sick. No one knew what was wrong with me. After a quick conversation with Dr. Brindisi she immediately understands what I was going through. After just one treatment I felt significantly better. For the first time in years I was able to sleep in my bed. After that, everything began falling into place.
    S. Nathan
  • A. Spurlock
    Dr. Brindisi is amazing! I came in for post-concussion symptoms. She's an excellent Functional Neurologist. She takes her time and is very thorough. In a matter of weeks my nausea and motion sickness resolved. Soon after, I had more energy and ability to concentrate and remember. I highly recommend seeing her if you have any issues with your brain.
    A. Spurlock
  • C. McGee
    Dr. Brindisi was able to help my wife after she suffered from a stroke. My wife had difficulty walking and articulating words. After just a couple of visit she was walking with more fluidity, we continued to work with Dr. Brindisi for several months and continued to see progress. Thank you, Dr. Brindisi, for giving me my wife back.
    C. McGee
  • K. Billington
    I have been struggling with vertigo for 6 years and motion sickness my entire life, while ever finding a real solution or balance for relief. I have been so grateful for Better Brain and Body and Dr. Lauren Brindisi for her commitment to the best care and finding answers that will lead to long-term solutions. I have received treatment from many great physicians over the years but non-have done the extensive testing that Better Brain & Body has done, which has enabled us to finally treat the real problem. Their work is comprehensive, and first-class, taking many avenues to get results that lead to feeling well and achieving optimum function and health! I have been impressed with the results we’ve gotten in just a few short weeks. Dr. B has taken many new avenues that have provided relief in ways that I have never experienced. They will go to any length to make sure you have personal care, work with your budget and ensure you are truly on a way to a better brain and body.
    K. Billington



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