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Designed to improve states of mood, brain health, and stress levels, the BrainTap device targets brain waves through which various states of mind can be accomplished with many mental benefits. It is your at-home or "in-clinic" brain health tool that can change your day--and also change your life. BrainTap utilizes a proprietary "neuro-algorithm" designed with particular sound frequencies and lights aimed to create positive neuroplasticity. BrainTap is a headset, as seen in the photo here, that offers an immersive experience of calming sounds and shines light frequencies on the ears. It also has a glasses attachment that is worn over closed eyes. This attachment produces light waves that flash in varying colors that improve and enhance the overall experience BrainTap has to offer. 

BrainTap Meditation Headset therapy at Better Brain & Body.

How Does BrainTap Work? 

In a blog post BrainTap shared in May of 2018, the company says in layman's terms, "The BrainTap headset de-stresses the brain and body and creates peak brain performance on a daily basis." According to BrainTap, their technology can help a person achieve meditative states that would normally take years to reach--10 years, to be exact. And the best part? It's a passive experience. So sit back, relax, and become the guru of your mind in just a 15-minute session. 

The BrainTap device is basically aimed at training brainwaves. It does this utilizing light, sound, and vibrations. The science BrainTap imitates is known as the "frequency following response." This science follows the fact that the brain has an innate inclination to track rhythms and frequencies. Using sound to imitate a certain brainwave frequency allows the brain to follow the frequency and uptake the brainwave patterns on its own. So, if a sound is played designed to align with a brainwave geared toward sleep, the brain uptakes this frequency, thereby making you sleepy and ready for a good night's rest. 

Another science BrainTap is founded on is Auriculotherapy. However, BrainTap uses a variation of traditional auriculotherapy.

Auriculotherapy, at its core, is known as ear acupuncture, which involves stimulating specific points on the ear to alleviate various health conditions and promote well-being. Thankfully BrainTap does not use needles but rather uses light frequencies that are shone on ear points via the headset to achieve the same therapeutic effects. According to the theory of auriculotherapy, using light, and stimulating certain points on the ear with this light, can influence the flow of energy along the body's meridians, promoting balance and well-being. BrainTap's headset has 9 LED light frequencies that are tuned to the frequency of "serenity and balance," according to BrainTap. 

What Are Brain Waves? 

To some patients who have experienced Neurofeedback, BrainTap may sound very similar, and they are in some respects. On our Neurofeedback page, we discuss brainwaves in more detail. However, here is an explanation of brainwaves that BrainTap has on their FAQ page:

Definitions of the different brainwaves in the brain.

How Long Is A Session? 

The beauty of using BrainTap at Better Brain & Body is that it can easily be used and incorporated during your treatment. Whether you have a health and wellness membership or are a functional neurology patient, we can incorporate a BrainTap session during your time at Better Brain & Body. BrainTap sessions take 10-20 minutes to complete. 


Experience Brain Tap For Yourself!

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