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Train Your Brain, Train Your Game

The improvement of athletic performance training is not a recent trend. Dating back to the earliest athletes, the pursuit of optimizing physical output has existed as far back as we know. Athletic performance training has been an ever-evolving field that continues to grow today in the competitive nature of sports and athletics. Physical athletic performance training is constantly expanding from recovery tactics to speed and agility work to strength and conditioning.


However, while many modern methods today seek to improve physical function, at Better Brain & Body, our human optimization clinic specializes in a unique approach--optimizing athletic performance by enhancing brain function. By harnessing the brain's power, we can take hold of our bodies' innate and untapped power. By unlocking the untapped power of our brains, we not only elevate our bodies' innate capabilities but also cultivate lasting improvements in overall performance.


While today's physical training methods may indirectly impact brain function, our explicit focus on optimizing the brain-to-body connection sets us apart. We create a transformative experience for athletes of all levels and ages seeking to optimize their athletic performance. Dr. Alicia Brown has worked with professional and semi-professional athletes in the NFL & NHL at Better Brain & Body to improve brain-to-body athletic performance.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Technology

We understand that critical components must combine to train the brain and optimize athletic performance. These components include planning, latency (reaction times), decision-making, speed, accuracy, endurance, recovery, and more. At Better Brain & Body, we help athletes and everyday people create an engaging but challenging personalized treatment plan by testing, analyzing, and evaluating the brain with cutting-edge diagnostic testing technology.


Our comprehensive approach starts with baseline testing to create a personalized "blueprint" of each athlete's brain function. We analyze the brain and nervous system with advanced diagnostic equipment that measures brain processing speeds, eye movement patterns, changes in balance down to a 100th of an inch, brainwaves, and brain activity. We also assess the brain's timing, coordination, and rhythm down to the millisecond. These diagnostic tests help Dr. Alicia Brown devise a highly targeted, pervasive treatment plan and brain training program for each patient. 

Advanced Athletic Performance Technology: GyroStim

We offer advanced performance technologies and brain training systems, like the FDA-approved Gyrostim, to help improve brain-to-body function and athletic performance training. This therapy provides a flexible, non-invasive method for managing conditions like TBI and concussions, balance and vestibular disorders, and various neurological conditions. However, athletes also use it to boost capabilities in athletic training performance. Check out which of your favorite professional athletes use this therapy to dominate their game.


The GyroStim is a fully rotational chair that performs movement patterns tailored to the patient's goal and/or treatment plan. Fitted with red targets, an athlete may use a red laser pointer to hit each target during their rotational sessions. With 30 different rotational levels and speeds, our team tailors every GyroStim session to a patient's proper speed and level based on their goals, independent abilities, diagnostic testing results, and how they feel on any given day. 

Brain Training Benefits:

- Improved hand-eye coordination

- Heightened brain processing speeds

- Enhanced cognitive function

- Faster reaction times

- Enhanced speed

- Quicker decision-making

- Improved attention and focus

- Better balance and coordination 

- Enhanced spatial awareness


Check out this blog post to learn more about how GyroStim can help improve athletic performance training. ​​

Virtualis VR Rehabilitation Therapy


Better Brain & Body is thrilled to announce the arrival of Virtualis in February! This FDA-registered virtual reality (VR) rehabilitation system represents a revolutionary leap in medical treatment, offering a unique and holistic approach to improving health and overall performance. ​Experience immersive virtual environments that engage your brain and body, leading to faster progress and better outcomes.


While Virtualis VR excels in rehabilitation, its potential extends far beyond recovery and healing, reaching the field of athletic performance optimization in two specific ways: 

1. Mental Training: ​

  • Stress management and anxiety reduction: Controlled virtual scenarios can help athletes manage pre-competition nerves and maintain composure under pressure.

  • Improved decision-making: Athletes can face simulated game situations and make quick, strategic choices, refining their decision-making skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Virtualis VR Rehabilitation Therapy

2. Physical Training:

  • Enhanced coordination and agility: Virtualis drills can challenge balance, coordination, and reaction time, improving footwork, agility, and overall movement efficiency.

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation: Virtual exercises can help athletes improve proprioception and prevent injuries before they occur.

What Sets Better Brain & Body Apart?

In addition to the GyroStim at Better Brain & Body, many more therapies and technologies are used to develop and maximize brain-to-body performance and athletic training ability. Our clinic takes pride in its patient-centered approach, providing non-invasive individualized treatment plans that are customized based on an individual's diagnostic testing results, overall goals, and medical needs at the direction of Dr. Alicia Brown. As a human optimization center and functional neurology clinic, we offer many different therapies, modalities, and expertise to improve overall health and well-being, not limited to just athletic performance training. 


If you want to learn more about these therapies, what we do, and how we may construct an athletic brain training performance program for you or your athletes, call us today at 704-752-8100 or click the button below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Brown to see how our clinic may suit your or a loved one's needs. On this call, you can learn more from Dr. Brown about what we do at Better Brain & Body and whether we might be a good fit for you. 


Better Brain & Body is a human optimization center in Charlotte, NC, that works with patients and athletes of all ages. 

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