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Did you know that Better Brain & Body has an Apothecary Shop? Right as you walk through the clinic door, to the left is a sign that says "Apothecary"! Feel free to step in and see our various products on your next visit! 

The Apothecary has essential oils, salt lamps, hand-made jewelry, hand-crafted soap and candles, and many more products. We also have Apex Energetic supplements that Dr. Brown can recommend for you based on what you are looking for in a supplement or what you may need for your health. The Apothecary also has products dedicated to boosting brain health and recovery. So, come stop in and check out all our goodies!

You can visit The Apothecary anytime if you are or aren't a patient. If you are not a patient, medical devices are not available for purchase. 

To make it easier for you, some of our products in the Apothecary are online and can be shipped to you! Visit this link to see some of our favorite quality brain health hemp products. Interested in all natural and organic cosmetic and essential oil products from doTerra? Check them out here.


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