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Team hands coming together.

A Shared Vision:

There is an increased awareness and recognition among health and wellness professionals that to improve health outcomes for all patients truly, we must create a coordinated, interdisciplinary, cross-sector approach that addresses all aspects of a patient's health. 

In pursuit of this goal, we have partnered with other like-minded businesses to develop a framework to help facilitate collaborative working relationships and created Charlotte's premier wellness center. Such partnerships are essential to a more comprehensive health management strategy that ensures a more seamless holistic wellness journey. 

A logo and link for Align Physical Therapy and Wellness.
A logo and link for Be Still Massage & Wellness.
A logo and link for Burkholder Wellness.

Click on any company below to learn more about its services. 

A logo and link for Coram Deo Medical Rejuvenation.
A logo and link for VanHeule Chiropractic.
A logo and link for Renewed Spirit Massage & Bodyworks.
A logo and link for Hands On Massage and Bodywork Therapy.
functional neurology charlotte
A logo and link for Rooted Holistic Wellness.
Karma Banks Woman Recreated.
Good Karma botanica & wellness.
Woman Recreated.
A logo and link for Sacred Wild Woman.
A logo and link for Urbana Wellness Spa.
Charlotte Scoliosis Clinic, Brittany's L
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