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Video Oculography (VOG) is a non-invasive technology for recording and quantifying eye movements. Our technologies consist of Micromedical VisualEyes and the RightEye system. We can use infrared sensors to record and evaluate functional vision issues that the naked eye cannot see. Testing your eye movements allows us to assess the integrity of all areas of your brain.

Computerized assessment of postural systems (CAPS) is an innovative technology that assesses changes in balance down to a 100th of an inch. During the assessment, you will be standing on a computerized platform. We will challenge your balance by having you perform eight different tests. For example, standing on a cushion, you will look in different directions with open and closed eyes. You will also turn your head in different directions to measure balance. 



Quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) allows us to measure the electrical activity of your brain. We will measure the delta, theta, alpha, and beta brain wavelengths in all brain lobes. Gathering this information provides insight into the patterns and behaviors your brain uses.

Using Interactive Metronome (IM), we can assess your brain's timing and coordination down to the millisecond. We evaluate this function with your hands and feet. We will compare left vs. right and check cross-cord mechanisms (i.e., left hand, right foot). Proper timing and rhythm are essential for allowing your brain to coordinate all of its other functions.



We will measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation during your initial assessment. We compare these readings from left to right and when you are in different positions, such as sitting, lying, and standing. Healthy brain function allows for healthy blood flow regulation to all body tissues. Your doctor will constantly be monitoring your autonomic function throughout your treatment.

All of our functional neurology diagnostics are non invasive and do NOT hurt

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