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Dr. Brown overseeing motion guidance work with an athlete.




Our bodies have inherent mechanisms to allow us to know where we are in space. This includes vision, tactile sensation, and proprioceptive sensation. Laser-guided visual feedback rehabilitation covers all grounds to create a learning experience encompassing these mechanisms. In addition, research has shown that our brain’s representation of our body changes when we are injured.

This has been labeled “cortical smudging” or “altered-body mapping” by educators on the topic. We can influence these changes through skilled movement and awareness, just as they are affected negatively by maladaptive non-use in the injured state. Visuals assist by bringing an additional dimension to learning to improve motor performance by promoting an External Focus of attention and body awareness that requires skill and coordination in real-time.

For patients and athletes, this feedback is intuitive and allows instant recognition of motor control and a way to train and assess simultaneously. In addition, implementing Motion Guidance training and therapy concepts can yield instant positional awareness. Functions may include "static functions," where the laser is kept centered while the body moves (such as keeping the laser centered while performing a "bird dog" exercise, or dynamic (such as moving the laser as far as possible upward and downward). 

If you are interested in how motion guidance training may help you, please call us at 704-752-8100 or click the button below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with our lead doctor, Dr. Alicia Brown. 

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