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An Interview About POTS Syndrome With Dr. Lauren Zigman, DC

Updated: May 2

To help identify some important factors to remember with POTS syndrome, we contacted Dr. Lauren Zigman, a chiropractic doctor and integrative health practitioner in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Zigman discussed her personal experience with POTS and what someone should pay attention to when addressing their own POTS-related symptoms.

What Should People Pay Attention to When Treating Their POTS Symptoms?

Dr. Zigman: With POTS being a syndrome (symptoms without a defined cause) and not a disease (symptoms with a defined cause), it is extremely important to get to the root cause of why you are experiencing this collection of symptoms.

What Was Your Process Like Identifying The Root Cause of Your POTS Symptoms?

Dr. Zigman: The first time I experienced POTS-related symptoms was back in 2016. I slowly and then quickly started to become very ill. I experienced chronic fatigue and lethargy, violent attacks of tachycardia (rapid heart rate) while resting, blurred vision, tremors, loss of speech, incredibly scary brain fog, vertigo, and basically lost all ability to work or function through life.

Dr. Zigman: It wasn’t until 2022 that I would finally figure out the root cause of my loss of health. I found those answers through functional medicine testing. I discovered that my POTS symptoms drew from severe mycotoxin exposure (mold illness) from living in a water-damaged house back in college. With the help of functional neurologists, I regained my speech, vision, motor movements, and overall brain function. And with the help of functional medicine, I was able to effectively remove the mold toxins from my body so that my body could finally heal from the root cause of my POTS symptoms.

How Do You Feel About Your Journey in Overcoming POTS?

Dr. Zigman: My journey with POTS is what has made me so passionate about functional medicine as well as functional neurology. I feel honored and blessed to be here today to help others with issues similar to mine and their POTS-related journeys.

Dr. Zigman is a chiropractor and integrative health practitioner at AthleteRX Chiropractic and PT in Charlotte, NC. She is also starting her own virtual functional medicine practice working primarily with patients healing from Lyme, mold toxicity, autoimmune diseases, and GI disorders. Dr. Zigman can be found via AthleteRX Chiropractic and PT or on her Instagram: @thatcrunchychiro

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