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What Is UltraSlim Treatment?

UltraSlim is the most powerful and effective red light therapy device for noninvasive body contouring and beautiful skin for any skin type or body type. No dieting, exercise, or downtime is required — you will love the impressive, instant results! Aside from body contouring, UltraSlim doubles as a red light therapy device, giving all the benefits of red light therapy, including reduced acne, pain, injury recovery and sports performance, brain health, and wound healing. Oh, and of course, fat loss!

This device achieves dramatic, immediate results, while noninvasive body contouring technologies take months to see even minimal results.

As an added benefit, it has been shown to produce collagen and elastin fibers, which benefit the appearance of younger and tighter skin and help minimalize the appearance of stretch marks.

UltraSlim is safe, effective, and one of the best body contouring devices on the market. Only UltraSlim requires no exercise and has no pain, no side effects, and no adverse outcomes.

Check out our blog post about UltraSlim at the bottom of this page.

See NCT02867150 for the complete study. 

What is UltraSlim Treatment? Check out this video!

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Combine UltraSlim with our weight loss program to transform your health and achieve your goals

A patient undergoing UltraSlim treatment.

Lose Fat Today!

UltraSlim is the only non-invasive procedure for immediate fat loss without dieting, exercise, drugs, or surgery. Instead, people lose fat immediately with our patented process. This device uses a unique patented light to stimulate and shrink fat cells. The treated fat cells respond by opening temporary pores in the cell membrane and emptying the fat cell contents, releasing all of that stubborn fat you can’t seem to get rid of without dieting or exercise.

Proven Results

At each visit, patients lose an average of 3.5″ and 1.6 liters of fat combined from the waist, hips, and thighs. In multi-site clinical trials, UltraSlim was proven 100% effective for all patients. Losses at each visit ranged from 1 5/8″ and 24 fl. oz. to 10″ and 1.2 gallons of fat! Additionally, 98% of patients lose at least 2″ of fat at each visit! 

UltraSlim Before and After!_edited.jpg
UltraSlim device.

Safest Technology

UltraSlim is safer than any other body contouring technology. UltraSlim Professional is the only body contouring device in Risk Group 1, the same risk group as a tongue depressor. Other body contouring devices risk serious side effects and adverse outcomes such as pain, bruising, and swelling. With our dedication to safety, there is no pain, no discomfort, and no side effects. 

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

UltraSlim is now indicated for the treatment and reduction of pain and inflammation due to its special quality of red light therapy. In addition, the device is a safe, effective alternative to opioids, with no threat of addiction.

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain and inflammation, and pain management can be complex. Living with pain places a severe physical and emotional strain on your body, limiting your quality of life. UltraSlim has refined the approach to non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical pain management.

Please check out the blog post at the bottom of this page for a deep dive into UltraSlim treatment.

A patient struggles with lower back pain. Aside from weight loss, UltraSlim also helps chronic pain and inflammation.
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