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GammaCore for migraine treatment.



gammaCore Sapphire

It can be hard to believe that 1 in 7 Americans, or 40 million people, suffer from migraines yearly. The pain migraines cause can be debilitating and a detriment to living a normal daily life. It can be even more dizzying to peel through the information regarding migraine prescription medications that exist on the market. And if that's not enough, the headache you'll get from discovering the hefty price tag of annual migraine treatment will leave you wishing there was another option other than surgery or preventative migraine shots. For example, individuals suffering from chronic migraines can anticipate spending approximately $8,500 to $9,500 annually on medical migraine treatment, as per the Migraine Relief Center. However, a new device called the gammaCore Sapphire by electroCore is making a breakthrough in migraine treatment. It is drug-free and has no side effects, giving up the need for medications entirely or using them supplementally when needed.

Holistic Migraine Relief

The gammaCore Sapphire is a small, portable, easily transported device. It sends soft, non-painful electrical pulses to the vagus nerve, which is located in the neck. The vagus nerve runs from our brain to our abdomen and controls a wide variety of functions in the body, from pain perception, inflammation, mood, heart rate, and much more. The gammaCore works especially well with migraine and headache patients due to how the device triggers the vagus nerve to release the body's endogenous opioids or natural painkillers produced in the body. Similarly, when stimulated, the vagus nerve activates the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, which mitigate pain and inflammation. Another therapy used at Better Brain & Body is the Rezzimax Tuner Pro, which stimulates the vagus nerve and promotes similar healing benefits. Nevertheless, gammaCore, according to its parent company, can offer a 25% reduction in total headaches per month while reducing the need to use rescue medications. 

If you are struggling with migraines or severe headaches, please call us at 704-752-8100 or click the button below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with our lead doctor, Dr. Alicia Brown.

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