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A patient using the interactive metronome.



Interactive Metronome® (IM) is an evidence-based assessment and training tool that measures & improves Neurotiming, or the synchronization of neural impulses within crucial brain networks for cognitive, communicative, sensory & motor performance. As the individual activates a trigger in time with a steady auditory beat, IM technology provides real-time auditory and visual feedback for millisecond timing.

Precise timing is responsible for a stellar athletic performance, a group of musicians making a perfect melody, or it can even be the key to a funny punch line. Timing is responsible for a person being able to walk without falling or speaking without stuttering. Timing allows us to focus, process language, keep our balance and smooth gait, play sports, and even read. Timing is responsible for the synchronous communication of our brains’ network system that connects cognitive processes and physical movement. Therefore, the ability to have accurate Neurotiming is one of the most critical factors in human performance.

If you are interested in how the interactive metronome may be used in our personalized treatment plans, please call us at 704-752-8100 or click the button below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with our lead doctor, Dr. Alicia Brown. 

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