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It's not always clear what causes neuropathy. One cause of neuropathy is diabetes. Black mold, pesticides, aspartame, chemotherapy, lead and mercury can also cause neuropathy, it can be hereditary. Neuropathy occurs when nerves of the peripheral nervous system are damaged. Statin drugs for cholesterol can etch away the myelin sheath that insulates your nerves and higher than necessary blood pressure medication can reduce blood supply to your feet. Sleep apnea, acid reflux, and tight back muscles squeezing your nerves can cause neuropathy.

Your nerves need to be gently repaired, and the nerve paths need to be retrained so that messages can get all the way from your feet to your brain and back to your muscles. The ReBuilder® is the proven, simple, dignified, and comfortable solution, no matter what the cause. The ReBuilder® treats all kinds of pain such as: restless leg syndrome, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, idiopathic neuropathy, polyneuropathy, chemo induced neuropathy, Charcot Marie-Tooth, and performs entrapment syndrome. The ReBuilder® has also been found to be very effective in managing the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

The ReBuilder® is the nerve pain treatment of choice used in cancer hospitals such as The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the Rockefeller Cancer Center, Sloan Kettering, the Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, and others for their patients with chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy. The ReBuilder® has been proven 96% effective in a study with over 3,000 doctors treating patients who did not respond to any previous treatments.


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